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Associated Press: Idaho Bill to Make Ballot Initiatives Tougher Goes to Senate

The court in that case specifically did not rule on the merits of the case. The case was dismissed die to the plaintiff’s lack of standing—he had never attempted an initiative, so he could not show how the law affected him directly.

Idaho Statesman: Want a voter-led initiative in Idaho? This bill would make it more challenging

Glad to see our testimony was picked up by the state’s largest newspaper, emphasizing our framing that this is all in response to a legislature trying to stop initiatives they don’t like. Which is all of them, because policies they do like have a supermajority to pass them in the legislature.

Idaho Statesman: Republican legislators try to make it harder to get initiatives on Idaho ballot — again

Specifically, well-heeled organizations that support big-money endeavors — marijuana legalization, for instance — would be the only ones able to deploy a force of signature gatherers large enough to cover every corner of the state.

Russ Belville Testimony to Senate State Affairs Against SB 1110

When this body passed increases to 24 and to 32 districts in bills last year, they were vetoed by Gov. Little, who worried that such a move would trigger a lawsuit that would let the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals invalidate Idaho’s geographic signature requirement, as it did in the 2001 Idaho Coalition for Bears v. Cenarussa case.

Idaho Press: Testimony: ‘Trying to silence the majority,’ ‘I have no representation,’ ‘Give veto power to one district’

“Idaho is a state that doesn’t like big government, and yet this Legislature is trying to silence the majority,” Bill Esbensen told the senators. “Our polls show medical marijuana will pass.”