Over 200 Signatures for Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative Collected in Ontario, Oregon in May


In its first two weeks of operation, The Lodge/Crane Idaho Marijuana Petitioning Station has collected over 200 signatures from registered Idaho voters for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act initiative petition.

The Station is located in the lobby of the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company at 560 SE 12th Ave in Ontario, Oregon. It is named for Idaho State Senator Patti Anne Lodge, who introduced SB 1150, a bill to make out-of-state signature gathering illegal, and State Representative Brent Crane, who amended SB 1150 to make an exception for missionaries and the military.

The over two hundred Idahoans who have signed in Oregon are voters who may never have been reached by the Kind Idaho campaign to put IMMA on the ballot. That Idaho’s Senate and House both voted to disenfranchise them, only to be saved by Gov. Little’s veto, is inexcusable, but unsurprising for a body so reefer mad it voted to enshrine marijuana prohibition in the state constitution, barely failing to reach a needed two-thirds majority in the House.

These voters also show just how much Idahoans want to obey the law when it comes to marijuana. Those over 200 Idahoans come from over one-third of Idaho’s counties. Some people signing have driven from three to five hours one way to get to Ontario to purchase marijuana legally and sign the petition. It’s not as if there are no black market marijuana dealers in these counties, but Idahoans are willing to spend the money and time to drive across the state to shop in a safe, secure location; where IDs are strictly checked and no minors allowed; where there is a greater variety of products for sale and they are tested and labeled; even if they have to face a harrowing drive back home in fear of the police pulling them over.

Idaho’s $159,000,000 Gift to the City of Ontario

Idahoans buy almost all of the $9.5 million sold every month on average in Ontario… then they bring it back to Idaho to smoke. If Idaho’s going to have the smoking, why not have the taxes, too?

Those 200 voters are quite willing to spend one out of five of their dollars in Ontario to benefit the city and the state in the form of marijuana taxes. The nine shops in Ontario are selling $10 million of marijuana products every month. That’s $2 million every month that mostly Idahoans are contributing in tax revenue to Ontario and Oregon when they buy marijuana.

They’re not smoking that marijuana in Oregon, though. Idaho gets all the marijuana smoking and Oregon gets all the marijuana taxes. Then Idaho spends tax money arresting and jailing the few people they catch (a year’s worth of pot arrests equals about a week’s worth of Ontario shoppers), doing absolutely nothing to reduce the trafficking of legal marijuana from Oregon (sales have increased quarterly since July 2019).

The Lodge/Crane Station will continue operating at the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company all summer long. As we get more volunteers to man the station (sign up here), we’ll be able to expand the days and hours to collect more signatures. For now, the usual days will be Wednesday through Saturday, 2pm to 6pm, but check the Events on our Facebook page to be certain.

The Lodge/Crane Idaho Marijuana Petition Station

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Signature tally from this one station as of June 12, 2021.
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