Idaho Medical Marijuana Act for 2022 (IMMA)

An initiative to protect qualifying patients for their medical use of cannabis.

  • IMMA allows possession of 4 ounces of cannabis and creates a system of dispensaries.
  • IMMA only allows some patients to cultivate 6 cannabis plants with a hardship waiver.
  • IMMA maintains the criminality of recreational marijuana possession, use, and sales, unlicensed cannabis cultivation, and driving under the influence.
  • IMMA requires 64,946 signatures statewide, with a distribution requirement of half the state’s districts, by May 1, 2022 for placement on the November 8, 2022 ballot.
We need 64,946 signatures to put the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act for 2022 on the November 8, 2022 ballot.

How & Where to Sign the IMMA 2022 Petition

In the map below you can find locations where you can sign the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act petition. If you have a location to add, email and tell us the name, address, and hours that the location can take signatures, and we’ll add them to the map.

Check with our coalition partners at Kind Idaho who are sponsoring the IMMA 2022 campaign. They will post their Events and petition signing locations. You can also follow our Facebook page and the Events we post there in collaboration with Kind Idaho.

If there is no Event or signing location near you, why not take on the effort yourself? We are the Idaho Citizens Coalition, and we need the help of as many citizens like you as we can get. Even if it’s just printing a petition to get signatures from your immediate friends and family, every signature helps. Read on…

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How to Become a Volunteer IMMA 2022 Petitioner

PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS! The State is hostile to the power of Idaho citizens to legalize medical marijuana and will use every mistake and technicality to disqualify your signature(s). Follow these instructions precisely and make sure your voice is heard—and, no, there is no online way to sign.

First Make sure you are a currently-registered Idaho voter. Many people who think they are registered end up having their signatures disqualified when their voter registrations were lapsed or inaccurate.

That’s if you want to sign the petition. If all you want to do is collect signatures for the petition, you only need to be an Idaho resident aged 18 or older. But why not be a registered voter so you can vote on the initiative when it makes the ballot?

IDAHO FELONS—WAIT! You may have been told that your felony makes you ineligible to vote. That is true while you’re serving your sentence. But once your sentence, parole, and probation are complete (once you’re “off papers”), your right to vote is automatically restored in Idaho. And if you’re convicted or even incarcerated for a misdemeanor, you do not lose your right to vote. You can even absentee vote from jail! Learn more at the US Vote Foundation. And even if you are still on felony parole or felony probation, you can’t sign the petition, but you can actually collect signatures for it.

Second Download and print copies of the petition (links and instructions below) for each county you’ll collect signatures for. A signature page can only contain signatures from voters from one county.

Third Read the instructions and sign the petition (if you haven’t already) and collect signatures from up to 19 more voters from the same county on your petition.

Fourth Take your signed petition(s) to a Notary Public (most banks and credit unions have one, as do some Post Offices) and have your Signature Page notarized. Don’t separate the page from the petition.

Fifth Go to your Post Office and send each petition by Certified Mail to the County Clerk of that petition’s county. Use “Idaho Citizens Coalition, 6928 West State St., Boise ID 83714” as the return address and we’ll deal with any returns. Or just take it in if you’re able (observe COVID protocols, please).

That’s it, the five basic steps for you to contribute up to 20 signatures per petition to get the initiative on the ballot. It costs $2.24 at Staples Online to print a petition. Certified Mail costs $3.60 and postage for petition (printed front and back) folded in quarters in a standard #10 envelope is $0.75—so, for just $6.59 and some of your time, you can help us put a functional medical marijuana initiative on the ballot. Still, you should download and read the Petitioner’s Guide below for more detail.

IMMA 2022 Downloads

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