Idaho is to the Right of Alabama on Medical Marijuana Now

Okay, we’ll swap ya an Alabama for a Mississippi…

For the entire Idaho legislative session, we listened to anti-marijuana legislators explain how Idaho is “the last foxhole” for prohibition, and how we had to continue locking people up for marijuana possession because we did not want to turn out like Portland or Seattle or Denver.

That argument gets weaker and weaker with the passage of every new marijuana reform in red conservative states. In the 2020 election, Idaho found itself to the right of South Dakota, Montana, and Mississippi on marijuana reform. This week, Idaho is to the right of Alabama on medical marijuana.

On Monday, Gov. Kay Ivey signed the Compassion Act (SB 46) into law, making Alabama the 36th state to legalize cannabis for medical use. 

The Compassion Act passed the legislature by a two-to-one margin with bipartisan support. The bill will allow registered patients with qualifying conditions in Alabama to safely access and use medical cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation. Medical cannabis will be available to patients in forms such as pills, lozenges, oils, and patches. A summary of the bill is available here.

Effective medical cannabis laws have now been adopted in 36 states, including several Southern states such as Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and now Alabama. (The count no longer includes Mississippi. Earlier this month, the Mississippi Supreme Court issued a deeply flawed ruling to overturn Amendment 65, the medical cannabis law that voters overwhelmingly approved at the November 2020 election.)

Eleven states made up the traitorous Confederacy that waged war against the United States to preserve their chattel slavery of kidnapped Africans. All of those Confederate States are now more liberal on the issue of marijuana than Idaho:

  1. VIRGINIA: Legal for all adults;
  2. ARKANSAS: Medical marijuana legal;
  3. FLORIDA: Medical marijuana legal (legalization initiative recently killed by FL Supreme Court);
  4. ALABAMA: Non-smokable medical marijuana legal;
  5. LOUISIANA: Non-smokable medical marijuana legal (bill to legalize smokable medical marijuana and decriminalize marijuana at legislature);
  6. GEORGIA: <5.0% THC >5.0% CBD* oil legal;
  7. NORTH CAROLINA: <0.9% THC >15.0% CBD oil legal (medical marijuana filed in legislature);
  8. SOUTH CAROLINA: <0.9% THC >5.0% CBD oil legal (medical marijuana filed in legislature);
  9. TENNESSEE: <0.9% THC CBD oil legal (bill to expand CBD program at governor’s desk);
  10. MISSISSIPPI: <0.5% THC CBD oil legal (had been “medical marijuana legal” by 73% vote until MS Supreme Court killed initiatives, legislature may return to restore medical marijuana);
  11. TEXAS: <0.5% THC CBD oil legal (legislature currently looking to increase THC to 5% and decriminalize adult possession).

* GEORGIA allows for up to 5% THC and up to the same amount or more of CBD. So, you could have a 1% THC 1% CBD to a 1% THC 99% CBD preparation, but you could not have a 2% THC 1% CBD, because there needs to be more CBD than THC to be legal.

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