Idaho Citizens Coalition Sets Up Medical Marijuana Petition Signing at Ontario’s Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

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You can also buy marijuana here, but make sure you take it to private property in Oregon to smoke out of public view then don’t drive back to Idaho for four hours.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little this evening vetoed SB 1150a, the bill that banned the gathering of signatures for initiative and referendum petitions outside the state of Idaho from anyone not serving in the military or on a religious mission.

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, R-Huston, chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, where the bill first was introduced, said there’ll be no attempt to override the governor’s veto.

Idaho Press, “Governor vetoes final bill, on out-of-state initiative signature-gathering,” by Betsy Russell, May 17, 2021

With that news, we at the Idaho Citizens Coalition for Cannabis are proud to welcome the support of the Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, one of the nine legal pot shops in Ontario, Oregon.

TVCC has agreed to let us set up a table inside their lobby to collect signatures for the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act and the soon-to-be-released Personal Adult Marijuana Decriminalization Act.

You’ll find our table at TVCC from Noon to 8pm*. We can collect signatures from any registered Idaho voter from any county. We can also register you to vote if you have your Idaho driver’s license or state ID.

The Lodge/Crane Official Idaho Marijuana Petition Signing Station

* Based on volunteer availability. Want to help out? Contact us.

Thanks for the idea, Sen. Lodge!

It’s really amusing how we ended up in this situation.

When we were campaigning for medical marijuana for the 2020 election, the first pot shops had just opened up in Ontario in the summer of 2019. As we saw reports of lines of Idahoans, we had considered collecting signatures at the shops, but in consulting with the Secretary of State’s Office, we were told we couldn’t collect out of state.

We didn’t question that false opinion because we really hadn’t planned to collect signatures at dispensaries. As the campaign wore on, we toured all 44 Idaho counties to collect signatures, but never at the rapidly-expanding Ontario pot shops.

But then Sen. Lodge introduced SB 1150. That was the first moment we understood that collecting signatures out of state was legal, or else they wouldn’t be banning it.

Still, we hadn’t planned on collecting out of state, because we figured that businesses making bank on Idaho’s prohibition might not be keen on helping us to overturn it. Besides, collecting a bunch of signatures, only to have a law pass that invalidates all of them, didn’t seem like a good risk. We don’t exactly have the funds yet for constitutional lawsuits, either.

Thanks for the help, Rep. Crane!

Then SB 1150 ran aground in the House after we testified that it would disenfranchise not just us, but also members of the military and missionaries serving out of state. That led Rep. Brent Crane to hastily tack on amendments to carve out exceptions for the military and missionaries.

That made the now SB 1150a even more unconstitutional, because beyond simply taking away half of the petitioning rights from all Idahoans, it took half the petitioning rights from only some Idahoans based on their employment status. It was so unconstitutional Gov. Little was forced to veto it.

So, thank you, Sen. Lodge, for filing a bill that let us know we could petition at the pot shops legally, and thank you, Rep. Crane, for making the bill so unconstitutional that now we don’t have to fund a lawsuit to challenge it. In fact, as a show of our gratitude we are officially dedicating our TVCC location as “The Lodge/Crane Idaho Marijuana Petitioning Site” and will keep a running tally of how many Idahoans have signed there and from which counties.

The Lodge/Crane Idaho Marijuana Petition Station

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Signature tally from this one station as of June 12, 2021.
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