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Study: “Marijuana users are equal to or more likely to exercise than non-users”

Since long before the moment Arnold Schwarzenegger toked on a joint in the groundbreaking bodybuilding documentary Pumping Iron, there has been a stereotype that marijuana makes its users amotivated, fat, and lazy. This new research, published in the journal Preventative Medicine, debunks that stereotype and finds that, if anything, marijuana users are more likely to […]

Study: Marijuana Legalization and Rates of Crashing Under the Influence of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Alcohol

From the Journal of The American Surgeon, this study looked at Arizona, California, Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, and Texas and found that legalization of marijuana didn’t increase finding THC in drivers’ blood after a crash, and “in fact, in Texas, where marijuana remains illegal, there was the largest change in detection of THC.”