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KMTV: Idaho campaign working to get the legalization of medical marijuana on the 2022 ballot

Kind Idaho (the sponsors of the Idaho Medical Marijuana Act) and South Central Idaho (the region) are well-represented by Tracie Carlson. During the 2020 campaign for IMMA, she collected thousands of signatures.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, House Votes to Allow 2-Year Medical Marijuana Cards for Anybody in the U.S.

In other words, anybody from any state in America can go to an Oklahoma doctor and get a recommendation and get an Oklahoma medical marijuana card that lasts for two years and allows them to buy medical marijuana in Oklahoma dispensaries legally.

Kind Idaho Launches Idaho Medical Marijuana Act Petition Drive

Chief Petitioner Jackee Winters said, “My mission is to get legal marijuana—medical marijuana—on the 2022 medical ballot. Thousands of our citizens suffer from medical issues and endless distress in Idaho, which is not our Idaho way. It’s needless suffering. It’s not our Idaho way.”