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“High as F**k” Idaho Cop Gets Slap on the Wrist

You remember us telling you the tale of the top cop in Bellevue, Idaho, who was “high as fuck” on the job and busted for giving marijuana edibles to another officer who was undercover to investigate him? BELLEVUE, Idaho (CBS2) — The former Bellevue city marshal who was arrested in October on possession of a controlled substance was […]

Bellevue Marshall Pleads Guilty to Being “High as F**k” on the Job

When even law enforcement has no respect for marijuana prohibition, what logical reason can there possibly be for continuing to allow law enforcement to arrest citizens for marijuana possession? Enjoy this tale of former Bellevue, Idaho, Marshal (like a Chief of Police) W. Ross Scaggs, who has pleaded guilty to a marijuana possession misdemeanor, a […]

KTVB: Eastern Oregon law enforcement officials denounce new law decriminalizing illicit drugs

If only there were some political jurisdiction in the world that has done essentially what Oregon has done, but twenty years ago. Then we could refer to its unchanged crime rates; reduced rates of drug use, addiction, and overdose; and lower incidence of Hepatitis C and HIV transmission.

Post Register: Eastern Idaho representatives divided on how to fund law enforcement training

The House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee on Monday voted against passing House Bill 30 that would transfer $800,000 of Idaho’s liquor fund to the Peace Officer Standards and Training program.