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April is Idaho Craft Beer Month… Does C. Scott Grow Know?

We saw a notice from a Southern Idaho country radio station that April is Idaho Craft Beer Month. You can learn all about it from the official State of Idaho’s Department of Commerce, Tourism Development Division.

April in Idaho is a time to celebrate craft beer. Grab a growler of a local brewery’s new release or snag a six-pack of your favorite Idaho beer on your grocery run and then kick back and relax. Be sure to share your experiences with us using #PintsUpIdaho.

Just so we’re clear, Idaho taxpayer dollars are being used to promote the manufacture, distribution, sales, and use of a substance that according to the Idaho Office of Drug Policy causes “437 deaths and 12,311 years of potential life” lost every year as of 2020. A substance that “cost $1.1 billion, or $1.62 per drink” in damages to the state.

Alcohol use in Idaho causes 437 deaths a year [Idaho Office of Drug Policy], marijuana use in Idaho causes 0 deaths a year. #PintsUpIdaho

Please come to Idaho, the state officially beckons, and use a drug we manufacture. We have it for sale to all adults 21 and over everywhere in the state. And not just the standard version of the drug; these craft versions are often twice to triple the potency of the standard drug.

Alcohol use in Idaho costs the state $1.62 per drink in healthcare, productivity, and other costs [CDC]. #PintsUpIdaho

You can even drive your car to one of the many buildings we have sanctioned explicitly for the social use of this drug—the state has provided this handy roadmap. We trust you to be responsible enough to not consume so much of the drug that you’re too impaired to drive home.

82.5% of Idaho drunk drivers who killed someone had a BAC of 0.15 or higher (US avg = 70%). #PintsUpIdaho

Of course, 5,689 of you didn’t heed that advice and got yourself arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in 2018. Of those drivers who ended up killing somebody, 82.5 percent of them had the drug detected in their systems at close to or over twice the legal limit—way over the national average of 70 percent. One in four Idahoans who died in traffic collisions was killed by someone impaired by this drug.

One-in-four Idahoans who have died on our roadways was killed by a drunk driver. #PintsUpIdaho

Idaho promotes the use of this drug by adults and mandates strict ID checking to prevent people under age 21 from accessing and using the drug. However, that has not stopped Idaho youth from using the drug, with 17.5 percent consuming it monthly and 10.4 percent using it to excess and severe impairment, even the risk of death by overdose.

One-in-six Idaho minors use alcohol monthly. One-in-ten Idaho minors are binge drinking monthly. [NSDUH] #PintsUpIdaho

The state is seriously lacking when it comes to preventing youth access to this drug. According to the Idaho State Police in 2014, “the average failure rate [is] 10 to 15 percent for age compliance checks in Idaho.” In other words, at least one-in-ten times, minors are successful at acquiring this drug.

“The average failure rate [is] 10 to 15 percent for age compliance checks in Idaho” when minors try to purchase alcohol. [ISP] #PintsUpIdaho

We don’t bring all this up to disparage any adult who chooses to use this substance responsibly, despite the deaths, disease, addiction, and other costs associated with its use. We just wish those adults and this state would respect our responsible use of a substance far safer than craft beer, one that is incapable of killing by overdose, one that is also medically beneficial for a myriad of ailments—cannabis.

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